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Hi Strife, i am always try to push my raid frames/healbot to the limit and as I am getting older and older (48) , I try to set it up as easy & visible as possible. Therefor i was wondering if it is possible to show a thin black border/frame around each bar. I played around with the "Background Bar" but this does not give me the expected result. It's hard to explain but just a small thin black border (i think kinda ElvUI) would really be helpfull for my visibility. Is there a way to achieve this with the actual healbot by tweaking some settings of which i am not aware yet ? all help/tiops are highly appreciated! Cheers
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Hi Strife, I am not sure if it is a bug or just not possible but I noticed the following. I have this macro assigned to my right mouse click: #showtooltip Holy Shock (Emergency) /use Divine Favor /cast Holy Shock At the same time I enabled Auto Trinket 1 (which is the item "Second Wind") Unfortunately this is not working and could only be solved when i disabled Auto trinket 1 and changed my macro to: #showtooltip Holy Shock (Emergency) /use Second Wind /use Divine Favor /cast Holy Shock So i cast the trinket myself.. Can you please check this? Best regards
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A big thanks for the new version! works super (y)
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