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Interface bug with markersGeneral comments27/04/2021 03:00:59
Asphaltkowboy started a new discussion
... I don't know why but since I updated my healbot, every character that have it active can't put a position marker on the ground anymore. I did the whole process to make sure I didn't do anything wrong or forgot something. But the only way to have the box reappearing is to deactivate healbot and reactivate it right after I put my marker on the ground. P.S. I even reinstall it and nothing works. EDIT: I added screenshot to show what I meant cause I wasn't even sure I understood my own message... LOL So there's one with HB activated and the other one deactivated. As you can see, it removes the marker option as soon as HB is being on in my addons. It was doing it even with the players online BTW, so it's not the reason.
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