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Not much to say, some guy from Portugal healing with priest since 2005!

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Hello again Strife, Is there any mean to add the player/target/enemy level to the frames? I am trying to use exclusively healbot (no other addons, like pitbull,xperl,zperl) for myself/target/enemy/raid and so on (basically using all your frames), and I was not able to add some things. Like the player/target level, way to see if the target is an elite or rare mob, the race I looked around in the options and the only thing I found was an option to show the class (I have enabled it), is there an option somewhere to make that information visible? If yes, can you please tell me where it is. If not, can you consider add it? It would be great to add that sort of information to the aux bar Other point I noticed, is that I didn't find any mean to see together the total and missing HP/MANA e.g. (7500/4000)., where 7500 is the total and 4000 is the one you still have available. In the health text options I see "as health / as delta / as percentage", any possibility to have as "health+delta"? Same option for the Aux Text (more specifically the power option), it would be great to have the possibility to see "as mana/ as delta / as percentage or as I have just suggested, as mana+delta" Thanks for the help Comprido
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