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dvantassel started a new discussion
I am having an issue that may be specific to my warrior and the Repurposed Fel Focuser. Whenever I log on to my warrior Healbot indicates that I need the Repurposed Fel Focuser buff even though I have it (for more than 5 minutes). When I click the bar it applies the buff but the HB bars still indicates that I need the buff. If I go into options and reselect the buff the bar updates but once I log out and back in HB indicates that I need the buff again. I have seen this on other toons but rarely, it seems it always happens on the warrior. Seems to happen more and more on my Pally as well but with the Oralius Whispering Crystal.
dvantassel replied to a discussion
It's the Lightning-Forged Augment Rune buff, Battle-Scarred Augmentation. Requires Rajani - Exalted.
dvantassel started a new discussion
Is it possible to have a custom buff that shows when it is not present? Like how it works on regular buffs. I would like an indicator that my toon needs the buff, not that he/she has it.
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