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Hello, Admission word, healbot is my favorit addon and I'm using it since TBC. Never before focus on this but now it's make me a bit angry, It is possibility to setup one skin for many "Skin default for" Skins -> General I mean If for example I set skin and want use in on raid 10, raid 25 I ahve to create 2 different skins? If there is any other way to solve it please give me information how to do. Now I'm using skin1 -> Party, skin2 -> arena, skin3 -> BG10, skin4 -> BG15, skin5 -> Raid10 and so on. I'd like use skin1 -> Party, Arena skin2 -> raid10, raid25, BG10, BG15 skin3 -> raid40, BG40 skin4 -> solo Hope so understand me :) Greetings.
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