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Version brings changes to separate memory structures, as part of this saved settings will move into the addon HealBot_Data. If you have already updated...
reaper6667351651 started a new discussion
Hello, since a phew versions back you introduced the "Internal Cache" and "Internal Timers and Updates" sliders, but each time an new update gets pushed through ..... they are reset :P and having to reconfigure them per char (and more then x20 ) on multiple servers, it can be a bit of a hassle xD , so i guess i'm just wondering if there is a possibility to add some sort of 'config' file so it will remember with future versions ^^ ty. PS: we can ofc understand that big major overhaul / code change releases might still reset it out of stability concerns :)
reaper6667351651 replied to a discussion
Version seems to have fixed this ty :D , and the performance tweaks are always welcome ;)
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