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Evening Everyone!General comments16/10/2020 20:00:54
Evening Everyone!General comments16/10/2020 02:57:32
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OMG thanks so much Strife!! Looking at my code in Notepad ++ is seemed i had Mine followed by author but no skin name i assume. I had made a new line named it Standard 2 and worked Maybe that was the problem when even my ex couldn't import it back in the day. Was really debating on quitting after we rubbing for less then 5 hours but now i don't need to! Thanks again!
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Hey there everyone! I've been a long time Healbot user (ToGC days). Loved it from the moment i started using it. I recently took a 2 year break and came back, updated etc. I no longer have any of my skins. So i had found my skin info and went to import it and I'm greeted with a "Failed to Import Skin. Reason for failure is : Header is incorrect - expecting Skin". I decided to try some that is similar to my main skin I used and i get the same failed message. Am i out of luck or could this be a simple fix? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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