Sharing skins with others

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Sharing skins with others #8
Players can share Healbot skins in and out of game.

Sharing in game
First ensure the person your sharing with has Accept Skins from others turned on
The status of accepting skins can be seen at the bottom of the About tab
To toggle the status of accepting skins, go to the General tab see Healbot Commands
Select Toggle accept Skins from others, then click Run.

Share a skin by going to the Skins>Share tab, select the person you want to share with from the dropdown box and click Share with

Sharing out of game
On the Skins>Share tab, select the Healbot website URL and click Share with, this will populate the text box with skin data.

Select all and copy the skin data using CNTL-A and CNTL-C, then save in a plain text file.

To share the skin here, join the Skin Authors group and upload the text file in the Files section, optionally also upload a screenshot and post on the forum to let everyone know.

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