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Healbot not updating health bars

8 months 2 weeks ago
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Healbot not updating health bars #1

I'm on Wow Classic using healbot with the latest version.
Until some weeks ago, healbot was working. Now, no matter what config I set, the health is not updating.
When someone takes damage. it's not showing on the health bars. I tried the following:
Updating healbot, deleting healbot addons and re-adding it, resetting to defaults from the UI. ResetHB, Reload UI, set health as percentage, set health as numbers.
The health is not updating so the bars are not decreasing health when someone takes damage, meaning that they don't change colour, always staying on green. The spells and all that work fine.

What might be wrong?


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8 months 3 days ago
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Healbot not updating health bars #2
Registered here just to post this.

I installed old version of healbots, reinstalled WOW, etc....

The healthbars still dont update correctly.

It seems to be the other members of my party update okay (as far as I know), but the main problem is... MY healthbar does not update correctly..

Here is what I've found so far:

-It only happens after I have been damaged
-When I heal myself, it displays HP that is greater than my max HP.
-I am dying and it still does not go down, I only know I am dead by the red screen
-The % stays at 100%, no matter what # my HP says..

Pic: cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/592967545...57957908/unknown.png

as it is right now, healbot is unusable. My alternative ATM is to use Clique, which lets any bar be clickable... But i would rather Healbot just be fixed :(


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