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Custom Buffs window bugged (can't modify it)

1 week 4 days ago
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Custom Buffs window bugged (can't modify it) #1

I have this issue with the addon in TBC:

I can't set up the custom buff windows, I have some random custom buffs there and I can't modify, delete or do nothing with them.

Doesn't matter if I choose class category, it won't find any class name to delete it. I can't import, If i run reset custom buffs it doesnt' work. So I'm out of ideas about how to solve it. My class is resto druid, and for example I see all mage armors in my bars, I don't want to see them as it's useless info but there's no chance to delete it (or atleast I can't find how to do it).

¿Anyone knows how I can set it up?

As you could see in the attached picture, there's no options to click, seems this is not working as it should.


Thank you in advance :)

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