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Bar color bug - various

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Bar color bug - various #1
HealBot_9.0.5.19_EN.zip introduces additional issues that were not present in the previous version.

Issue #1: Bar color white if Earth Shield missing on Single Tank (frame1). Note the bar color does not change immediately when the buff is applied.
Example: ( video )

Variations of this bug: ( video )
Tank missing Earth Shield, but bar color does not change to white.
No buff or debuff is on player, but bar has custom buff/debuff color. (ex. frame1)

Reverting to HealBot Retail alone did not resolve this issue. Had to restore a backup of HealBot_Data.lua as well.

Issue #2: Completely breaks functionality of Weakaura 'ZT Front-End Party Icons', a party cooldown tracker that displays spell icons next to party frames. ( link )
Example A: ( image ) Not all frames display spell icons correctly.
Example B: ( image ) Correct functionality (from Healbot Retail

Reverting to HealBot Retail resolved this issue.

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