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Selftargeting override

1 week 4 days ago
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Selftargeting override #1
Hey there,

I've been noticing a few things in the last two weeks and don't know where the errors are coming from.

So I'm a Priest healer and my AoE Heals are all on bind on ALT. The last few weeks i've seen that when I cast Holy Word: Sanctify, it would cast at the player I was targeting! I was over the moon with this change, because before, when I did target someone else, I just got the radial selector and had to cast it where I wanted it (which was totally fine with me).

Now, when I cast it on someone else, it seems that the ingame ALT self cast is overriding healbot. So when I target another player, I don't get the radial selector thing, but it automatically targets me. Did try binding it to shift and when I was targeting a player, it worked as expected (got the radial thing back).

Don't know if there's been an update from blizzard that screwed things up, but I'm looking for a way to change this without having to turn off or change the self cast button or having to rearrange my healbot binds.

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