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Multiple druids HoTs identifying

1 month 6 days ago
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Multiple druids HoTs identifying #1

Loving the addon, and have been using it for many years.

With the addition of Swiftmend and HoTs stacking, I'm wondering if there's a setting that I'm not seeing, which makes it clearly visible whose HoTs are currently on the target if there are multiple rdruids in the raid.

Scenario: Two druids in the raid. Both rejuv the tank at roughly the same time. This would (on my setup) show 2x rejuv icons on the tank bar, Say the other druid swiftmends one of the rejuvs. How would I be able to tell if it was his or my rejuv that got consumed? I don't have tooltips on, which could be a solution I guess, but it takes up unnecessary screen space imo.

Hoping there's a solution to this, as I noticed that I often think that I have HoTs running on targets, but then it turns out that it's actually the other rdruids' HoTs.

Thanks again for a lovely addon. Hoping for a solution for this :-)

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