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Debuffs disappearing infight ?

6 months 2 weeks ago 6 months 2 weeks ago by skibi.
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Debuffs disappearing infight ? #1453
Hello everyone :) first of all: thank you so much for healbot :)
So.. i have a problem with the hb addon. Im playing restoration druid and usually hb shows me debuffs on players in my party or raid. But sometimes, out of nowhere :ohmy: , they disappear! That means they are not showed to me anymore. They're still on players. :lol: ^^ It happens during m+ runs or raids from time to time and thats a big problem for me and my group :0 i have to reload, then it works fine. but a few minutes later it can happen again.. and so on.. i already uninstalled hb and installed again several times. problem still there.. :/ what can i do?

this is my skin, exported. i hope its ok.
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Help me out pls :blink:

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