MouseoverMacro on RaidFrames in raids?

1 year 2 months ago 1 year 2 months ago by Onatel. Reason: I´ve found the solution. It was an UI-problem. I use Spartan Ui too. And on the position where the raid frames are they doesn´t work. I´ve change there place and now everthing work fine.
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MouseoverMacro on RaidFrames in raids? #1

Like the name said I want to use my MouseoverMacro on the raid frames in raid.
I´ve disabled the menu on the mousewheel.
I use this macro, on the mousewheel roll forward:

>>> /cast [@mouseover, help, nodead]Kettenheilung(Rang 1) <<<

It work well on me, MTs and in group, on the frames.
But on the the raidframes in a raid not.
Do I something wrong.

Thx for your support :)

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