Healbot macro - cant see mana cost

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Healbot macro - cant see mana cost #2262
Lets say I am using a basic Healing Touch spell straight from the spellbook (aka not a custom macro). When I hover over my target I see the name of the spell and mana cost ex. Healing Touch(Rank 5) - 300 mana. When I use a macro on healbot it shows the name of my macro and no mana cost. It looks like this when i hover over my target. "name of macro' - 'name of macro'. I'd like to be able to see the mana cost using a macro.

example of my real macro:

#showtooltip Healing Touch
/dismount [mounted]
/cast [@mouseover,help][@target, help][@player] Healing Touch(Rank 6); Healing Touch(Rank 6)

Is there a work around for this issue?

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