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Custom Debuff Questions/Suggestions

7 months 3 weeks ago
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Custom Debuff Questions/Suggestions #1
Let me preface this by saying I've been using Healbot for years and love it! Thank you for all you do!

I really love the custom debuff tracking and bar coloring. I have a couple of questions/suggestions:
  1. Is it possible to cause a debuff to change bar colors after a certain number of stacks? For example, 4+ stacks of Barbed Arrow on Sylvannas I would love the bar to change color so I know that this person needs immediate healing attention. Whereas 1-2 stacks is not noteworthy enough to change bar color.
  2. Is it possible to group custom debuffs? For example, I put all of the Sanction of Domination debuffs into the same Category (I-J). I noticed that we can no longer do this since debuffs are now automatically inserted into the correct alphabetical group (which makes sense). My brain has an easier job managing debuffs when they're grouped by dungeon/raid instead of name - I can't for the life of me remember their names half the time.

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