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Custom Buffs/Debuffs in

1 year 3 weeks ago 1 year 3 weeks ago by Strife.
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Custom Buffs/Debuffs in #1
From, incorrect spell ID's have been automatically updated, this was improved in and now in there are improvements to performance. For example if a Monk casts an unknown buff and it has not already been checked (lookups only happen once!), now only the Monk class and generic (All) will be checked for a matching spell name.
This means when adding new custom buffs, it is important to add them to the correct category.

In, the reset button for Custom Buffs/Debuffs, reset back to the name, the spell ID will only appear if the spell is in your spellbook, the automatic checking is also updated to ensure it happens.
This means if a Custom Buff/Debuff is not working, try resetting it.

The Import/Export for Custom Buffs/Debuffs (and Skins) now require a header, if importing from an older version the header can be added directly in the edit box in healbot, make line 1 the header as follows:
Import TypeHeader
Custom DebuffsCustomDebuffs
Custom BuffsCustomBuffs
Here is an example of Custom Debuffs
Dark Herald~3~282561,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,
Piercing Gaze of N'Zoth~9~285367,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,
Gift of N'Zoth: Lunacy~5~285685,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,
Shear Mind~11~282384,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,
Maddening Eyes of N'Zoth~8~285345,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,
Crushing Doubt~3~282432,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,
Storm of Annihilation~11~282743,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,
Cerebral Assault~3~282589,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,
Promises of Power~9~282566,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,
Touch of the End~11~284851,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,
Insatiable Torment~6~285652,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,
Embrace of the Void~4~282738,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,
Aphotic Blast~2~283524,10,,false,0.733,0.169,0.718,false,,,,

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