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Magic Debuffs Enternal Palace

1 year 2 months ago
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Magic Debuffs Enternal Palace #1
I noticed that when you have the option on Debuffs ---> Custom --> All Boss Checked, Magic Dispellable Debuffs like Dread on Za Qul or Arcane Burst on Azshara, But the problem is having all boss checked shows you inrelivant Debuffs like Darkest Depth on Behemoth etc which I dont want to see.

So my question is this would it be possible to add some sort of Blacklist Option so whatever is on the list does not show up up on Frames Regardless of what options are checked. So I could have All Boss Checked so all Debuffs show but could Filter Out Ones that I dont want to see?

Just a Idea

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1 year 2 months ago
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Magic Debuffs Enternal Palace #2
You can create those as custom debuffs and turn of the bar colour, so only an icon shows, you can also drop the priority so the icon is always last.
Alternatively you could turn off all boss debuffs and configure the custom debuffs as required.

I did hope that by now some people would have created custom debuffs sets and shared them here, was a nice hope while it lasted.

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