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Broadband issue

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Broadband issue #2180
Hello All,

Development of beta 2 has currently stopped due to consistent in game DC's and ping times over 8000ms.
This site will also be experiencing slowness and at times unavailable.

I am currently having issues with my broadband, some of you may remember previous times I have had these issues. This is always due to the impacted aluminium piece of wire that until recently has been my only means of unlimited broadband access.

In my area we have something called FTTC which the supplier calls a fibre connection but in reality it is fibre to the local cabinet and the last trip is across existing copper (occasionally aluminium) wire. There are times when the weather changes and usually after heavy rain a short develops on the line, it can be so bad that a normal conversation is difficult due to the noise and so the filtered broadband side is mostly losing packets.

So that paints the picture of what I have had to put up with for over a decade.

A few years ago a 4G mast we installed very close to my house and the provider offers unlimited 4G home broadband, the speeds I can get on my phone are over double that of my fixed line broadband (when the fixed line broadband is working) and the 4G offering is cheaper. The only downside is the ping time is around 35ms - 45ms, but this is still a good speed.

Tomorrow this site will be down for a while, after which all should be good.

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