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HB Reset at Char. Switch

1 week 5 days ago
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HB Reset at Char. Switch #1
As the title mentions, HB keeps resetting when switching between my druid and paladin. This was never an issue before, but now for some reason I cannot get it to stop doing so.
Meaning that each time I go on my druid after playing paladin, I need to setup all spells etc.

Been looking all over, and I cannot seem to be able to create a profile either, or find a guide on how to do so.

Anyone knows the fix?


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1 week 2 days ago
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HB Reset at Char. Switch #2
I'm thinking you have it setup this way (by accident).

Go to Healbot options - General - 2/3 way down the panel "Profile for Spells/Buffs/Debuffs - Set to Character - bottom "Configure classes for" set to custom and then make sure all classes have the button on.

With those settings you should keep a copy of healbot options for every character.

Another possibility is that Windows isn't letting wow save the options. I normally run wow in administrator mode in windows to stop any security problems.

Hope this helps (sorry I missed the post when you originally posted it).


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