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help changing background bar and out of range opacity

2 weeks 4 days ago
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help changing background bar and out of range opacity #1
Currently I have my background bar set to be see through so when someone takes damage you see through the missing health bar. (skins > frames > bars > colors > background bar [class] = opacity 0%)

I have out of range opacity set to 15% to help distinguish who is in my range. Ive been doing rated battlegrounds and its perfectly normal for someone on my team to be dying on the other side of the map. So when I see their opaque health bar its not a cause for concern. There have been a few instances where someone in my range died without me noticing first and I believe its because my out of range opacity looks similar to someone whos healthbar is missing.

My solution to this was going to be to set my background healthbar of people in range to a bright color and to keep out of range people on a low opacity. I'm not sure how to do this though.

The problem ive found is that changing background bar to a custom color and turning up the opacity to see it will change the out of range opacity and color to the same as the background bar. And again its not clear who is out of range and who is just low hp because the bars look the same.

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