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A raid skin for use with SpartanUI in classic mode, running at a resolution of 3440x1440.
The bars take up almost all of the right hand side panel in SpartanUI.
Skin available under files as spartan-raid25-3440
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cRaid25 8 KBs
spartan-raid25-34409 KBsMar 18, 2019
cRaid258 KBsNov 17, 2018
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Black and White9 KBsNov 17, 2018
Fistful of Units7 KBsNov 17, 2018
Magic4 KBsAug 12, 2018
cbtRaid25v27 KBsAug 10, 2018
Ranged5 KBsAug 9, 2018
Square4 KBsAug 8, 2018
Vivid5 KBsAug 5, 2018
In the future I will update the skins I have shared here to work better with version
At some point Blizzard change how boolean's are used, it had a major impact on skin sharing and will be fixed in version