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 +====== Debuff Custom tab ======
 +===== Summary =====
 +The Debuff Custom tab allows for additions debuffs to be monitored, even if the healer cannot remove the debuff with a spell. It is often used in boss fights to alert the healer that a player will need to be focused on for various reasons
 +The custom categories show the default settings, for default settings only the colour can be changed. To change other setting for a debuff, select the debuff individually.
 +===== Options =====
 +  * **Category** - Custom defaults and A-Z debuff categories can be selected using the category dropdown
 +  * **New debuff** - Add a new debuff to the current category and Save 
 +  * **Custom** - Lists custom default settings or individual debuffs depending on the Category selected
 +  * **Cast By** - Sets a filter on debuffs displayed by checking the caster of the debuff
 +  * **Delete** - Delete the selected custom debuff
 +  * **Disable** - Disable the selected custom debuff in the current zone
 +  * **Priority** - Priority of the selected custom debuff
 +  * **Bar colour** - Turn on/off changing the bar colour for the selected custom debuff, when on the colour is set by clicked the bar
 +  * **Reset** - Reset settings for the selected custom debuff
 +  * **All Disease** - Always show disease type debuffs
 +  * **All Magic** - Always show magic type debuffs
 +  * **All Poison** - Always show poison type debuffs
 +  * **All Curse** - Always show curse type debuffs
 +  * **All Boss** - Always show debuffs cast by bosses
 +  * **Strict Mode** - A boss must exist, avoid bizzard api reporting boss debuffs from lesser mobs
 +<note tip>​Reset can fix none working custom debuffs due to incorrect spell IDs</​note>​
 +{{ :​options:​cure:​debuff-custom.jpg?​nolink |}}