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 +====== General tab ======
 +===== Summary =====
 +The general tab is where addon specific settings exist and addon commands can be run.
 +===== Options =====
 +==== Top section ====
 +  * **Hide options button** - Hides the the options link at the bottom of the main frame
 +  * **Show minimap button** - Shows the healbot button on the mini map
 +  * **Enable HealBot fastHealth** - Check combat events and for relevant events make an API call to quickly update the current health
 +  * **Ignore aura events when resting** - Turn off [[options:​buffs|buff]] and [[options:​cure:​debuff|debuff]] monitoring whenever the character is resting, for example in a city or inn
 +  * **Adjust unit max health** - Can be used during boss fights when the boss cast the debuff [[http://​​spell=179986/​aura-of-contempt|Aura of Contempt]]
 +  * **Right click opens options** - Allow clicking on the edge of a frame with the right mouse button to open options - tricky to use and not recommended
 +  * **Query talent data** - Show characters talents in the [[options:​tips|tooltip]]
 +  * **Enable HealBot autoCombat** - Switch HealBot into [[guides:​healbot-states|enabled mode]] when any member of the party/raid enters combat
 +  * **Disable HealBot** - Puts HealBot into an extremely low usage state, HealBot can take up to a second to wake up when re-enabled
 +    * **only when solo** - Disabled when solo, enabled when entering a group or raid
 +  * **Internal Cache** - Pre cache frames ready for when joining raids and groups, if you never raid then reduce this setting, if you join 40 raids then increase this setting. ​
 +  * **Internal Timers and Updates** - This affects a number of different things including range check frequency, buff/debuff updates, aggro bar threat % updates, aggro bar flash frequency, fluid bars update speed, enemy bars update frequency and other checks and updates. Generally increasing CPU usage will improve responsiveness of the addon.
 +<note important>​Higher settings use significantly more CPU, especially the highest setting\\
 +For very fast updates 2 positions down from the highest is recommended</​note>​
 +==== Middle section ====
 +  * **Language** - The language can be set outside of the wow client settings, a great deal of work has been done by translators and always interested in hearing from more
 +  * **HealBot Commands** - Common commands originally used on the command line, now available here. [[options:​general#​healbot_commands|See below for a list of commands]]
 +  * **Profile for Spells/​Buffs/​Cures** - Healers can set [[options:​spells|spells]],​ [[options:​buffs|buffs]] and [[options:​cure:​debuff|cures]] per character or have global settings per class
 +==== Bottom section ====
 +  * **Configure classes for** - These settings really show HealBot'​s age, when in 40 man raids healers might be assigned specific classes to heal, this allowed for debuffs and other monitoring on a variety of combinations
 +{{ :​options:​general.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +===== HealBot Commands =====
 +The following is a list of common commands\\
 +There are **less common commands** that can be run from the [[using:​cmdline|command line]]
 +  * **Clear Blacklist** - Blacklisted to many annoying players screaming for heals, use this command to clean the blacklist
 +  * **Copy current spells to all specs** - Copy current [[options:​spells|spells]] to all specs for the current class
 +  * **Reset custom buffs** - Reset frame icon settings in standard skins and reset class options (monitored HoT's and buffs)
 +  * **Reset bar positions** - Resets the bar positions to defaults, works on all [[options:​skins|skins]] that come bundled with HealBot
 +  * **Reset buffs** - Resets the [[options:​buffs|buffs]] to defaults for the class
 +  * **Reset cures** - Resets the [[options:​cure:​debuff|general cures]] to defaults for the class
 +  * **Reset custom debuffs** - Resets the [[options:​cure:​custom|custom debuffs]] to defaults
 +  * **Reset skins** - Resets all [[options:​skins|skins]] options to defaults
 +  * **Reset spells** - Resets the [[options:​spells|spells]] to defaults for the class
 +  * **Toggle Dislike mount** - When using the [[options:​mouse|mouse wheel]] command Random Mount, dislike the mount called will seriously limit the number of times it comes up
 +  * **Toggle Exclude mount** - When using the [[options:​mouse|mouse wheel]] command Random Mount, excludes the mount from ever being called again
 +  * **Toggle suppress errors when using auto trinkets** - Auto trinkets are set on the [[options:​spells|spells tab]]. When casting a spell, if the trinket is not ready an error will be displayed if not suppressed
 +  * **Toggle suppress sound when using auto trinkets** - Auto trinkets are set on the [[options:​spells|spells tab]]. When casting a spell, if the trinket is not ready an error sound will be played if not suppressed
 +  * **Toggle custom cures - Default cast by** - change the default cast by for [[options:​cure:​custom|custom debuffs]]
 +{{ :​options:​general-commands.jpg?​nolink |}}