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   * Heal using top trinket<​code>​   * Heal using top trinket<​code>​
 +#show Heal
 +/use 13
 +/cast [@hbtarget] Heal
 +  * Heal using top trinket and suppress errors<​code>​
 #show Heal #show Heal
 /hb se3 /hb se3
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 /hb se4 /hb se4
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 ==== Paladin Macro'​s ==== ==== Paladin Macro'​s ====
-Need new examples, please post your favourite macros on forums+  * Holy Light and top trinket<​code>​ 
 +#show Holy Light+top trinket 
 +/use 13 
 +/cast [@hbtarget] Holy Light 
 +  * Flash of Light and bottom trinket<​code>​ 
 +#show Flash of Light 
 +/use 14 
 +/cast [@hbtarget] Flash of Light 
 ==== Druid Macro'​s ==== ==== Druid Macro'​s ====