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 +====== Private Lists ======
 +**Private Lists** have the following benefits
 +  * Assign specific players as private tanks (private tanks share the tanks heal group)
 +  * Assign specific players as private healers (private healers share the healers heal group)
 +  * Assign specific players to your own private list
 +  * Track specific players and/or groups
 +  * Private lists can be duplicates of the raid heal group
 +Players can be Added or Removed by using one of the following options
 +  * [[using:cmdline#private_list_commands|Command Line options]]
 +  * [[using:macros#private_lists|Macros to be used on the Spells tab]]
 +  * Mouse Wheel commands can be assigned on the [[options:mouse|Mouse Wheel tab]]
 +  * Using the HealBot Menu (''Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Right Click'')
 +<note>Private Lists can be Temporary or Permanent, players recorded permanently will use additional memory.\\
 +It is recommended to only use permanent for players you know and group/raid with</note>