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Getting Started

Get started with the following 4 steps
After configuring HealBot, logout and login to save your settings

1: Skins

After installing the addon, a frame will be in the center of the screen.
The first thing to do is check and configure the 4 skins that comes with the addon.
The 4 skins all have defaults set for Solo, Party, Raid, BG and so on.

Additional skins are available here, skins can be imported using the Import / Export Skins tab

  • Move the skin to where you want it on the screen
  • Open options and do the following for each skin in turn
  • On the Skin General tab note the Skin defaults
  • On the Test tab, click the button to turn on the test bars
  • Configure the look of the skins using the Skins Frames tab and sub tabs
  • On the Test tab, click the button to turn off the test bars
  • If the skins is for a Party or Raid, on the Skins Protection tab turn on Crash Protection
    • If doing a lot of random groups/raid, consider also turning on Combat Protection

Consider backing up skins using the Import / Export Skins tab

2: Spells

Spells, Buffs and Cures can be set per character or per class

  • If it's preferred top have the same spell settings for all characters of the same class, on the General tab set Profile for Spells/Buffs/Cures to Class
  • On the Spells tab setup spells

3: Cures

  • On the Debuff General tab set Spell to remove debuffs to the preferred spell and set check members to on raid

4: Buffs