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Tanking with Healbot

This is a quick getting started guide for tanking with Healbot

As healbot allows for all types of spells to be set and displays both friendly and hostile bars, it can be configured for tanking.

Enemy bars

Enemy bars must be used for tanking, set the following

  • On the Skins Frames Bars Visibility tab, select the Enemy frame
    • Turn on Include my target
    • Turn on Include tanks targets
    • Set Number of Bosses to 4
    • Turn off Hide bars out of combat

Bars and Frames

Set the location and look of bars and frames

  • On the Test tab
    • Turn on test bars
    • Ensure some enemy bars are included
  • On the other frames tabs, set options for the position and look of bars and frames


  • On the Spells tab
    • Select Enemy in the Set spells for dropdown
    • Set hostile spells to use against enemies
    • Select Enabled in the Set spells for dropdown
    • Set macros to use taunt type spells against the players target
    • Turn on Always use enabled


  • Select the frame used for the Group or Raid
    • Turn on Monitor Aggro
    • Set how aggro is displayed as desired
    • Apply current tab settings to all frames