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Plugins AuraWatch tab


The AuraWatch plugin allows players to monitor their own spells for cooldown and monitor other players buffs, debuffs, health, mana or aggro, to trigger when certain conditions are met.

Up to 8 independent watchers can be configured.

Configure Watch 1 as the most important monitor, down to Watch 8 as the least important

Examples of use:

  • Monitor power infusion for cooldown and mages arcane power, alert when arcane power expires.
  • Monitor Innervate for cooldown and filter healers with low mana.
  • Monitor power word: life for cooldown and filter players below 35% health.
  • Monitor pain suppression for cooldown and cast when a tank has a specific debuff.
  • Monitor Inner Fire in combat, alert when expires.
  • Monitor Fade for cooldown and alert when your aggro level is high.

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  • Enable plugin - When a plugin exists in your addons folder and is loaded, it can still be shutdown from within HealBot options.
  • My spell - Your spell to monitor. NOTE: This is case-sensitive and must match the spell name.
  • Only in combat - Only alert when in combat.
  • Target players filter - Optionally filter target players based on buff, debuff, health, mana or aggro
  • Target players filter value - Depending on the option selected for Target players, an edit box or a slider will be available to set the value for the filter. Note: buffs and debuffs are case-sensitive and must match the spell name.
  • Target players - The target players to monitor.
  • Alert timeout - Duration to show the alert if not cancelled by other means.
  • Repeat after timeout - If an alert timeout, optionally show the alert again after a number of seconds.
  • Bar colour - Method used to change the bar colour.
  • Alert colour - Colour used for the bar, text and tooltip.
  • Show in tooltip - Show information about the alert in the tooltip.
  • Show warning text - Show information about the alert on the screen.
  • Play sound on alert - Play a sound when the alert is run.