Using Macros

Create a new macro, by typing /macro, with a unique name and enter the macro name on the spells tab in HeaBot
For example a priest could create a macro called RN for Renew, open HealBot options and on the spells tab replace the spell Renew with RN

Casting spells with HealBot requires @hbtarget or @hbtargettarget as the target, for example:

#show SpellName
/cast [@hbtarget] SpellName

Utility Macros

Whisper Player

Send a text message to a player by clicking on a HealBot frame. This can be tested on yourself.

  • Send Whisper
    /run SendChatMessage("TEST MESSAGE","WHISPER",nil,UnitName"hbtarget")

Suppressing Errors

With healbot installed, the following commands can be added to macros to suppress sound and text errors.
Using healbot commands, in place of the standard methods, frees up the number of characters available in each macro.

  • Suppress Sound On
    /hb se1
  • Suppress Text On
    /hb se3
  • Suppress Sound Off
    /hb se2
  • Suppress Text Off
    /hb se4

Private Lists

  • Toggle Private Tank
    /hb tpt hbtarget
  • Toggle Private Healer
    /hb tph hbtarget
  • Toggle Private List
    /hb tpl hbtarget


  • Target and open a trade window
    /target hbtarget


  • Target and follow
    /follow hbtarget


  • Target and follow
    /target hbtarget

Main Tank and Main Assist

  • Assign the main tank role
    /maintank hbtarget
  • Demote from being the main tank
    /maintankoff hbtarget
  • Assign the main assist role
    /mainassist hbtarget
  • Demote from being a main assist
    /mainassistoff hbtarget

World Markers

  • Set Blue Square
    /worldmarker [@hbtarget] 1
  • Set Green Triangle
    /worldmarker [@hbtarget] 2
  • Set Purple Diamond
    /worldmarker [@hbtarget] 3
  • Set Red Cross
    /worldmarker [@hbtarget] 4
  • Set Yellow Star
    /worldmarker [@hbtarget] 5
  • Set Orange Circle
    /worldmarker [@hbtarget] 6
  • Set Pale Blue Moon
    /worldmarker [@hbtarget] 7
  • Set White Skull
    /worldmarker [@hbtarget] 8
  • Clear Marker
    /clearworldmarker [@hbtarget] 0

Class Macros

Priest Macro's

  • Heal using top trinket
    #show Heal
    /use 13
    /cast [@hbtarget] Heal
  • Heal using top trinket and suppress errors
    #show Heal
    /hb se3
    /hb se1
    /use 13
    /hb se2
    /cast [@hbtarget] Heal
    /hb se4

Paladin Macro's

  • Holy Light and top trinket
    #show Holy Light+top trinket
    /use 13
    /cast [@hbtarget] Holy Light
  • Flash of Light and bottom trinket
    #show Flash of Light
    /use 14
    /cast [@hbtarget] Flash of Light

Druid Macro's

  • Cast Regrowth on mouseover
    #showtooltip Regrowth
    /cast [@mouseover,help] Regrowth
  • Cancel shapeshift form and cast Regrowth
    /cast [@hbtarget] Regrowth

Tanking Macro's

  • Taunt the target of a player
    #show Taunt
    /cast [@hbtargettarget] Taunt
  • Protect a player
    #show Blessing of Protection
    /cast [@hbtarget] Blessing of Protection