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Buffs Custom tab


The buffs custom tab allows for setting when buff and HoT icons are displayed


  • Category - Class categories can be selected using the category dropdown
  • New Buff/Hot - Add a new buff to the current category and Save
  • Buffs Name - Lists individual buffs depending on the Category selected
  • Identify By - Identify buffs by name, id or both
  • Cast By - Sets a filter on buffs displayed by checking the caster of the buff
  • Reset - Reset settings for the selected custom buff
  • Delete - Delete the selected custom buff
  • Disable - Disable the selected custom buff in the current zone
  • Priority - Priority of the selected custom buff
  • Bar colour - Set changing the health or border/Aux bar colour for the selected custom buff, set the colour by clicking on the custom bar
Reset can fix none working custom buffs due to incorrect spell IDs