General tab


The general tab is where addon specific settings exist and addon commands can be run.


Top section

  • Hide options button - Hides the the options link at the bottom of the main frame
  • Show minimap button - Shows the healbot button on the mini map
  • Enable HealBot fastHealth - Check combat events and for relevant events make an API call to quickly update the current health
  • Ignore aura events when resting - Turn off buff and debuff monitoring whenever the character is resting, for example in a city or inn
  • Adjust unit max health - Can be used during boss fights when the boss cast the debuff Aura of Contempt
  • Right click opens options - Allow clicking on the edge of a frame with the right mouse button to open options - tricky to use and not recommended
  • Query talent data - Show characters talents in the tooltip
  • Enable HealBot autoCombat - Switch HealBot into enabled mode when any member of the party/raid enters combat
  • Disable HealBot - Puts HealBot into an extremely low usage state, HealBot can take up to a second to wake up when re-enabled
    • only when solo - Disabled when solo, enabled when entering a group or raid
  • Internal Cache - Pre cache frames ready for when joining raids and groups, if you never raid then reduce this setting, if you join 40 raids then increase this setting.
  • Internal Timers and Updates - This affects a number of different things including range check frequency, buff/debuff updates, aggro bar threat % updates, aggro bar flash frequency, fluid bars update speed, enemy bars update frequency and other checks and updates. Generally increasing CPU usage will improve responsiveness of the addon.
Higher settings use significantly more CPU, especially the highest setting
For very fast updates 2 positions down from the highest is recommended

Middle section

  • Language - The language can be set outside of the wow client settings, a great deal of work has been done by translators and always interested in hearing from more
  • HealBot Commands - Common commands originally used on the command line, now available here. See below for a list of commands
  • Profile for Spells/Buffs/Cures - Healers can set spells, buffs and cures per character or have global settings per class

Bottom section

  • Configure classes for - These settings really show HealBot's age, when in 40 man raids healers might be assigned specific classes to heal, this allowed for debuffs and other monitoring on a variety of combinations

HealBot Commands

The following is a list of common commands
There are less common commands that can be run from the command line

  • Clear Blacklist - Blacklisted to many annoying players screaming for heals, use this command to clean the blacklist
  • Copy current spells to all specs - Copy current spells to all specs for the current class
  • Reset custom buffs - Reset frame icon settings in standard skins and reset class options (monitored HoT's and buffs)
  • Reset bar positions - Resets the bar positions to defaults, works on all skins that come bundled with HealBot
  • Reset buffs - Resets the buffs to defaults for the class
  • Reset cures - Resets the general cures to defaults for the class
  • Reset custom debuffs - Resets the custom debuffs to defaults
  • Reset skins - Resets all skins options to defaults
  • Reset spells - Resets the spells to defaults for the class
  • Toggle Dislike mount - When using the mouse wheel command Random Mount, dislike the mount called will seriously limit the number of times it comes up
  • Toggle Exclude mount - When using the mouse wheel command Random Mount, excludes the mount from ever being called again
  • Toggle suppress errors when using auto trinkets - Auto trinkets are set on the spells tab. When casting a spell, if the trinket is not ready an error will be displayed if not suppressed
  • Toggle suppress sound when using auto trinkets - Auto trinkets are set on the spells tab. When casting a spell, if the trinket is not ready an error sound will be played if not suppressed
  • Toggle custom cures - Default cast by - change the default cast by for custom debuffs