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Spells tab


The spells tab allows for different helpful spells to be set in combat, out of combat and harmful spells set against enemy bars. Spell names can be typed directly into the text boxes or via the spell selector ? button that allows for selecting various spells, macros and other commands.


  • Set spells for - Allows for setting spells in different states
    • Enabled - Always when in combat and any time the bar is in an enabled state
    • Disabled - Only when out of combat and the bar is in a disabled state
    • Enemy - Allows for harmful spells to be set and used on enemy bars
  • Always use enabled - Use this option to always cast the enabled spells set regardless of the bar state
  • Avoid Blue Cursor - Cast Binding Heal on yourself and ended up with a blue cursor? this option is your friend
  • Auto Target - Set the healers target to the player/npc being cast against
  • Text Boxes - Click and various Key combos plus click to set the spell cast for the combinations.
    • Note: if manually typing in spells, check it shows in the tooltip to know its set correctly
  • Auto Trinket - Attempt to use trinkets automatically when casting spells
  • SmartCast out of combat - Select an appropriate spell for the situation
    • Avoid PvP - If the target is PvP flagged, avoid casting on them
    • Include spells - Types of spells to be included in SmartCast

Spell selector

The spell selector has spells, items, macros and commands in separate dropdowns making it quick and easy to use