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Tips tab


The tips tab is where the tooltip options are set


  • Show tooltips - Show tooltip information on the current bar the mouse is over
    • Hide Toolip in Combat - Hide the tooltip in combat
  • Show target information - Show the name, class and spec if relevant, location, health and mana/power
    • Show my buffs - Show buffs and duration that were cast by the healer
  • Show spell cooldown - Show the cooldown remaining on the spell
  • Ignore spell global cooldown - Do not show the spell as unavailable when on global cooldown.
  • Show mouse whell commands - Show the commands defined on the Mouse Wheel tab
  • Use Game Tooltip - Use the game tooltip, this includes tooltip addons such as TipTac
  • Show active monitored HoT details - On all monitored HoT's, show who cast the spell and duration left
  • Font Size - Select a font size based on standard tooltip size options.
  • Set Tooltip Positions - Links to the Skins Frame tab, allowing for different positions per frame
  • Set Tooltip Custom Anchor - Display a frame to set the location of the tooltip anchor when custom is selected for the position.
  • Opacity - Set the transparency of the tooltip