Command Line Commands

Common commands are available on the General Tab in Options

The following commands can be run from the chat window

Addon commands

Command Description
/hb h Display help
/hb hs Display additional help
/hb lang <Lang> Toggle language used in options - Valid codes are deDE enUK enUS esES esMX frFR grGR huHU itIT koKR ptBR ruRU zhCN zhTW
/hb o Toggles options
/hb t Toggle Healbot between disabled and enabled
/hb enable Enable Healbot
/hb disable Disable Healbot
/hb cb Clear blacklist
/hb ui Reload UI
/hb d Reset options to default
/hb ri Reset Healbot
/hb ricons Reset Icons
/hb tma Toggle include Main Assist with Tanks
/hb ttq Toggle talent query
/hb tci Toggle Clear Inspection after Talent Query

UI commands

Command Description
/hb show Reset frames anchors

Private List Commands

Command Description
/hb tpt <unit> Toggle Private Tanks
/hb tph <unit> Toggle Private Healers
/hb tpd <unit> Toggle Private Damagers
/hb tpl <unit> Toggle Private List

Spells commands

Command Description
/hb cspells Copy spells from current spec to all specs
/hb use10 Automatically use Engineering slot 10
/hb suppress <type> Toggle suppressing sound and/or error when trinket not ready. type can be error or sound
/hb rspells Reset spells

Aux bars

Command Description
/hb ma <n> Set the max Absorbs value. The max value is MaxHealth / n where n is a number between 1 and 20
/hb mi <n> Set the max In Heals value. The max value is MaxHealth / n where n is a number between 1 and 80
/hb mt <n> Set the max Total Heal Abosrbs value. The max value is MaxHealth / n where n is a number between 1 and 80 - Only applies in Retail

Buff commands

Command Description
/hb bt Toggle Buff Monitor between disabled and enabled
/hb rbuffs Reset buffs
/hb eac buff Enable all custom buffs

Debuff commands

Command Description
/hb dt Toggle Debuff Monitor between disabled and enabled
/hb rcures Reset cures debuffs
/hb rc Reset custom debuffs
/hb atd <n> Set duration <n> seconds for All Timed automatic debuffs
/hb eac debuff Enable all custom debuffs

Skin commands

Command Description
/hb skin <skinName> Switch Skins
/hb cs Check Skins
/hb test <n> Toggle test bars, optionally include n as the number of bars
/hb tr <Role> Set highest role priority for SubSort by Role. Valid Roles are TANK, HEALER or DPS
/hb tpr Toggle the use of player roles in groups and raids - Only applies in WotLK
/hb spp Toggle player first or normal in subsort order
/hb spt Include own pet in self group
/hb rs Reset skins

Aggro commands

Command Description
/hb aggro 2 <n> Set aggro level 2 on threat percentage <n>
/hb aggro 3 <n> Set aggro level 3 on threat percentage <n>

Mount commands

Command Description
/hb dm Dislike mount
/hb em Exclude mount
/hb fm Favourite mount - Only applies in WotLK