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Skins Frames General tab


The Frame Options tab is where the general frame options exist
For additional fonts see Recommended addons


  • Alias - Give the frame a meaningful alias
  • Lock position - Lock the frame at it's current position, a modifier key can be assigned to unlock the frame.
  • Close automatically - Hide the frame when out of combat and none of the bars are in an enabled state, ON can be with or without sound.
  • Frame anchor - The position of the frame anchor relative to the screen
  • Bars anchor - The position of the bars anchor relative to the frame
  • Grow direction - The direction to grow away from the Bars anchor
  • Bar orientation - The direction each bar will shrink/grow depending on the players health
  • Position tooltip - The location of the tooltip relative to the frame
  • Frame Scale - The scale of the current frame
  • Sticky frame horizontal offset - Set the horizontal offset of this frame relative to the frame it sticks to
  • Sticky frame vertical offset - Set the vertical offset of this frame relative to the frame it sticks to
  • Background - Sets the background colour for the frame
  • Border - Sets the border for the frame