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Buffs General tab


The buffs general tab allows for buffs to be monitored and cast prior to running out

From retail version and classic version, members are checked in the following order

  1. My Friend
  2. Focus (Retail only)
  3. Self
  4. MainTanks
  5. SingleTank
  6. My Targets
  7. Classes
  8. Party
  9. Raid
  10. PvP
  11. PvE


  • Monitor for missing buffs - Turn on/off monitoring for buffs
    • also in combat - Turn on/off monitoring for buffs in combat
    • Only when in a Group or Raid - Turn on/off only monitoring when not solo
  • Spell to buff - Select the spell to monitor and cast
  • check members - Select who to monitor, many variations such as Self,Party,Raid,Classes,Tanks and more
  • bar colours - Set the colour the bar will change to when a buff is needed
  • Show buff before it expires - Alert when a buff is required n mins/secs before it expires
    • Show buffs - These are buffs with a duration of a few minutes or less
    • Long buffs - These are buffs with a duration usually in the 10's of minutes or more