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Debuff Custom tab


The Debuff Custom tab allows for additions debuffs to be monitored, even if the healer cannot remove the debuff with a spell. It is often used in boss fights to alert the healer that a player will need to be focused on for various reasons

The custom categories show the default settings, for default settings only the colour can be changed. To change other setting for a debuff, select the debuff individually.


  • Category - Custom defaults and A-Z debuff categories can be selected using the category dropdown
  • New debuff - Add a new debuff to the current category and Save
  • Debuff Name - Lists custom default settings or individual debuffs depending on the Category selected
  • Identify By - Identify debuffs by name, id or both
  • Cast By - Sets a filter on debuffs displayed by checking the caster of the debuff
  • Reset - Reset settings for the selected custom debuff
  • Delete - Delete the selected custom debuff
  • Disable - Disable the selected custom debuff in the current zone
  • Priority - Priority of the selected custom debuff
  • Bar colour - Set changing the health or border/Aux bar colour for the selected custom debuff, set the colour by clicking on the custom bar
  • All Disease - Always show disease type debuffs
  • All Magic - Always show magic type debuffs
  • All Poison - Always show poison type debuffs
  • All Curse - Always show curse type debuffs
  • All Boss - Always show debuffs cast by bosses
  • All Timed - Always show debuffs when the debuff has an expiration time
Reset can fix none working custom debuffs due to incorrect spell IDs