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Debuff General tab


The debuff general tab allows configuring use of standard debuff spells, usage of those spells and settings on how different debuff types are displayed


  • Spell to remove debuff - The spell to use, debuffs displayed will only be those that the spell can remove
  • check members - The members to monitor
  • Ignore debuffs - Debuffs with little or no effect can be ignored
    • Short duration - Ignore debuffs that last for less time than the Duration slider
    • When cure spell CoolDown > 1.5secs (GCD) - Ignore debuffs when its not possible to cast and spell cooldown time is greater than the global cooldown
    • When caster is known as friend - When the caster of the debuff is friendly
  • Priority - Priority by debuff types, highest priority is 1 and lowest is 20, highest priority is always displayed first
    • Disease - Priority for disease type debuffs
    • Magic - Priority for magic type debuffs
    • Poison - Priority for poison type debuffs
    • Curse - Priority for curse type debuffs
  • Bar colours - Bars are changed to defined colours when the player has a debuff and settings on the Debuff Warning tab apply
    • Disease - Colour for disease type debuffs
    • Magic - Colour for magic type debuffs
    • Poison - Colour for poison type debuffs
    • Curse - Colour for curse type debuffs