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Overrides Chat tab


The overrides chat tab controls messages about actions such as spell casts and which chat channel should be used, can be handy for telling the party or raid that the healing is resurrecting player x.

Using override settings will ignore the skin settings, making this an option to permanently fix settings to your preference.

For the skin settings see the Skins Chat tab


  • No message - Do not send chat messages.
  • Notify self - Send chat messages only to yourself, good for testing.
  • Notify target - Send whisper to the target.
  • Notify party - Send chat message to the group channel.
  • Notify raid - Send chat message to the raid channel.
  • General channel - Send chat message to your own general channel.
  • Message - The format of the message to send, #s is substituted with the spell name and #n is substituted with the players name.
  • Notify for resurrection only - Send chat messages only when casting resurrection type spells.
  • After combat warn when out of mana - After combat use the out of mana emote if mana is below the level set.
  • When mana below - Set the level when to use the out of mana emote.