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Plugins ManaWatch tab


The ManaWatch plugin allows players to monitor players mana for when if drops below a certain level.

Examples of use:

  • Monitor healers mana in combat and alert when below the alert level.
  • Receive alerts from BuffWatch and alert when below the alert level.

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  • Enable plugin - When a plugin exists in your addons folder and is loaded, it can still be shutdown from within HealBot options.
  • Global profile - Use current settings on all characters, uncheck to use on the Player only.
  • Target players - The target players to monitor.
  • Only in combat - Only alert when in combat.
  • Received from BuffWatch - Retry duration - When receiving from BuffWatch, continue to monitoring mana for the duration or when BuffWatch issues a cancel.
  • Alert timeout - Duration to show the alert if not cancelled by other means.
  • Bar colour - Method used to change the bar colour.
  • Alert colour - Colour used for the bar, text and tooltip.
  • Show in tooltip - Show information about the alert in the tooltip.
  • Show warning text - Show information about the alert on the screen.
  • Play sound on alert - Play a sound when the alert is run.