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Skins Effects tab


The skins effects tab allows setting visual effects that can be applied to the bars.

Settings on this tab can be overridden on the Overrides Effects tab.


Fluid Bars

Fluid Bars has the effect of moving the bar up/down when values such as health changes.

  • Use - Use fluid bars.
  • Refresh Speed - Controls how fast the bar updates.
  • Include colour and alpha - Bar updates due to colour and opacity changes are done in a fluid motion.

Hot Bars

Hot Bars has the effect of highlighting bars by dimming non hot bars.

  • Min Health threshold - Mark bars as hot when health is below the threshold.
  • Debuff Priority threshold - Mark bars as hot when the debuff priority is at or higher than the threshold.
  • Non Hot Bars - Opacity reduction - Opacity reduction of non hot bars.

Health Drop Alert

Health Drop Alert has the effect of flashing the whole frame when health drop by the set amount.

  • Uses - Use health drop alerts.
  • Alert threshold - Flash the frame when a single health event results in the health dropping over the threshold.
  • Flash speed - Controls how fast the flash effect lasts.

Focus Groups

Focus groups allows healers to focus on specific groups when required, this is done by dimming or removing unfocused groups.

  • Use focus groups - Select OFF, ON: Fade unfocused groups or ON: Hide unfocused groups.
  • Focus group numbers - Select the groups to be in focus.
  • Unfocused groups - Opacity reduction - When ON: Fade unfocused groups is used, use the slider to set the dimming of unfocused groups.

Variable Opacity

Variable Opacity only applied to Auxiliary Bars and has the effect of making the bar flash.

  • Set Aux Bar Opacity Type - Short cut to the Aux bar configuration tab.
  • Flash frequency - Set the speed the aggro bars flash.
  • Flash opacity min - The minimum opacity.
  • Flash opacity max - The maximum opacity.