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Skins Frames Bar Text Name tab


The Bar Text Name tab allows for setting the type of name text displayed on bars and formatting displayed text.
For additional fonts see Recommended addons.



  • Show name on bar - Show the players name on the bar.
    • Enable UTF8 library - Improve compatibility with international characters, when on an English only server it is recommended to turn this off.
  • Show class on bar - Include the class on the bar.
    • show role when set - Show the players role in the group/raid when available.
  • Aggro indicator on name - Wrap the name text in characters when a player has aggro.
  • Horizontal Alignment - Set the text alignment.
  • Font slider - Set the font.
  • Font size - Set the size.
  • Vertical Offset - Set the vertical text position.
  • Horizontal Offset - Set the text text position.
  • Max Characters - Set the maximum number of characters shown for the name text, set to 0 for automatic based on font and bar width.
  • Font Outline - Set an outline around characters.


  • Text colour - Set the colour of the name text, when custom is used click on the Custom bar to set the colour.
    • Use Custom on Debuff - Set the colour of the name text to use the custom colour when the player has a debuff.
  • Enabled opacity - Set the transparency of the name text when the bar is in an enabled state.
  • Disabled opacity - Set the transparency of the name text when the bar is in an disabled state.
  • State colours - Click on the bar to set dead, res and summons text colours.