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Skins General tab


The skins general tab is where general settings for each skins is set.

Hide frame settings on this tab can be overridden on the Overrides Frames tab.


  • Skin default for - Set when the skin is displayed.
  • Sticky Frames - Frames can be stuck to any frame higher up in the frame list.
  • Group/Raid member enters combat - Select what happening when another player enters combat and your still out of combat.
  • Mouse not over frames - Opacity reduction - Reduce the frames opacity when the mouse moves away from the frame.
  • Always run events - Keep hidden blizzard frames up to date, only useful when regularly toggling blizzard frames.
  • Hide party frames - Hide the standard blizzard party frames.
    • Include player and target - Also hide the standard blizzard player and target frames.
  • Hide focus frame - Hide the standard blizzard focus frame.
  • Hide mini boss frames - Hide the standard blizzard boss frames.
  • Hide raid frames - Hide the standard blizzard raid frames.
See Sticky Frames for more help on using this option.
The Skin default for setting is per character and not per skin.